One of the big hits in the shop over the last few weeks, has been the Belvoir farm pressés. The pressés come in six different flavours and each is made with 100% natural ingredients. Belvoir Farm is located in Lincolnshire, England and all the ingredients are sourced locally to ensure freshness. Theses ingredients fruits, flowers and spices blended are with fresh water from the springs at Belvoir and because they use so much real fruit juices in each one they taste great with no cloying aftertaste of flavourings (as the drinks don’t use any!). In fact the whole range of belvoir products we stock, not just the organic ones, are completely preservative free, no artificial flavourings and no E-numbers making them a healthier, not to mention flavoursome option.
Belvoir Pressé
Cranberry Pressé
A refreshing blend of the finest cranberry juice (15%) with a touch of blackcurrant and blueberry juice together with spring water gives a deliciously dry, fruity taste.

Lime & Lemongrass Pressé
A deliciously aromatic blend of fresh lime juice and a hand-made pressed extract of lemongrass to give a crisp and refreshing soft drink. Wonderful thirst quencher when served chilled or over ice.

Summer Cooler
Fresh cucumber, fresh mint extract (extracted at Belvoir farm), spring water and a hint of geranium blossom – what better way to refresh your body and soul on a summers day than with the Summer Cooler pressé served chilled? This delightful and unique blend is a real thirst-quencher. A huge hit with us, and well worth a try!
Organic Elderflower Pressé
Made from the masses of freshly picked elderflowers from the organic elder flower plantations at Belvoir, blended with whole sliced organic lemons and spring water to give the delicate scented and incredibly refreshing taste. Serve it chilled as a sophisticated alternative to white wine.

Belvoir Organic Hand-made Lemonade
Ever wanted lemonade like we see in American films, well now is your chance. This pressé is lightly sparkling and hand made. It is made following a home recipe from organic lemons and includes cooking the rinds to extract the natural lemon oil. Zesty, lemony and light – a perfect healthy summer refresher just like in the movies.
Organic Ginger Beer
Anyone who has ever read the ‘Famous Five’ books or seen the TV show has heard of ginger beer. But few of us have ever had the opportunity to try it! The Organic Ginger beer is made by cooking the fresh ginger to give the beer a real bite. This pressé is really refreshing, but be warned it is not for the faint hearted, the ‘ginger bite’ packs a wallop. This pressé is a big hit with everyone who has tried it and is must try!!