An ever increasing question we get asked these days is what is the difference between Prosecco and Champagne. There are a few differences and hopefully this posting will explain a few of them.
The Grapes and the Regions
The first big difference is prosecco is the name of the grape and the wine, this grape grows in Veneto region of North East Italy.
Champagne however is the name of the both the region the wine comes from and the wine; thus only sparkling wine that comes from champagne can be called Champagne. The main grapes involved are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
The Fermentation
Prosecco is typically fermented in the modern Charmat method. There are two fermentations, both in large temperature stainless steel vats.
Champagne, however, is fermented in the traditional method Champenoise. Here the second fermentation takes place in the bottle with an injection of yeast. That is why you frequently see champagne cork side down and at an angle in wooden racks.
The Ageing
Prosecco is meant to be consumed young and fresh. It takes four to six weeks to produce a bubbly bottle of prosecco.

Champagne on the other hand normally takes an average of one year to produce. But for very good vintage champagne it can take up to three plus years.

The Occasion

Prosecco is for every day drinking. It compliments a wide range of food from appetizers to fish and even some meat dishes. It is common in Italy to have prosecco with antipasto. Prosecco is moderate in alcohol usually around 11%, which is lighter than many white wines.

Alternatively champagne is usually consumed on Special Occassions. This is because good champagne is typically costly and cheap champagne gives you a terrible hangover!!

Now there you have it the basic differences between Prosecco and Champagne, this post is by no means all inclusive or definitive. The best way to differentiate between the two is yo try them a decide which you like best. Below is one champagne and one prosecco both, of which, are stunning examples of their kind. Try them and see what you think, especially as there is 20% of them both at the moment.

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