I know the idea of chilling red wine is crazy to some people, but now the sunshine has returned its time to break with those long held beliefs. There is nothing more refreshing than a lovely chilled glass of Fleurie, with its wonderful floral scents and alluring berry flavours on a warm summers day or a delicious Brouilly with its inviting aromas of raspberry and strawberry two fruits very much associated with the summer. Why not try one of the following chilled and tell me that chilled red wine is crazy?

Chateau de Pierreux Brouilly 2006

Brouilly is the largest Cru or district in Beaujolais, situated around Mont Brouilly. The wines here are made from 100% Gamay and are noted for their aromas of blueberries, cherries, raspberries and currants. The make excellent easy drinking wines perfect for those light-hearted summer evenings.

The Chateau de Pierreux Brouilly has typical aromas of raspberry, strawberry and alluring violet notes. This wine combines suppleness with rich, highly fruity notes making this a wine you can drink everyday.
Domaine de la D’Adule 2006

Fleurie, often called the Queen of Beaujolais, is one of the most frequently asked for Beaujolais Crus. These wines often have a velvet texture with fruity flavours again with strawberry and raspberry hints and floral bouquet that is suggested in its name.

This wine is made from 100% Gamay and has an inviting fresh floral nose with fruity notes. On the palate it has a silky feel with a depth and concentration of fruity flavour.