A question we often get asked at all the time is which wines go with which foods. The simple answer is what ever you feel like. The old rule of white wine with fish and red wine with red meat has faded these days. We often hear of people enjoying a glass of chardonnay with steak and even a big Aussie shiraz with fish. But for those of you wanting to try some of the traditional food and wine match ups why not try the following .

First up Roast Lamb, this traditional Sunday dinner works fantastically well with a nice red Bordeaux or Rioja which seems as though it was made for lamb.

Second up is Salmon, now according to the traditional rules we should choose a white here but a nice Pinot Noir does the trick. A New World one from New Zealand or Chile hits the spot perfectly if the salmon has a light spicy crust.

Thirdly bring a little bit of the South of France to your home, try a crisp dry rosé with a lovely summer salad. Many people refuse to try rosé but it is a fabulous alternative to whites, and they have been doing it in the south of France forever.