Continuing on from last weeks posting about classical combinations of food and wine this week we are going to tackle some of the more of the more notoriously difficult foods to match with wine. This means mainly Asian Cuisine. Easily the most asked about food in this group is Indian curries, these tend to be hard to find wine matches for due to the sheer amount of flavours involved.

So that’s where we shall begin, Indian Curries, as with many foods the exact ingredients added will determine the wine that is chosen but the following are some combinations that should work well with curry. Any aromatic and spicy white like a Gewurtramminer, or even a fruity new world chardonnay, lightly or completely unoaked may be a good choice for many. As for reds something low in Tannin like a nice Rioja Crianza or possible a nice Shiraz.

Sushi: being so light and delicate in flavours sushi is one of the few foods that it is almost impossible to find a red to match. In the main a crisp off-dry to dry white would seem to be the order of the day, try a German Riesling Kabinett, or a dry Aussie Riesling, or for those less adventurous a nice Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. For those wanting to be more adventurous try a nice sparkling Cava or Prosecco.

Tex-Mex: for those of you who love your spicy flavours of Mexican and Texan fare, such as Chicken Fajita why not try a Delicious fruity and smooth Californian Zinfandel, or even a big tannic fruity and spicy Petite Sirah. As for Whites Guacamole and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanca is a match made in heaven.