When people talk about food and wine matches one of the first thing that springs to mind is cheese. But what people don’t realise is there are nearly as many different styles of cheese as there are wines. This weeks food and wine pairings are going to focus on three well known soft cheeses.

Brie: Is a mild soft cheese with delicious savoury flavours and creaminess. It is delectable when served with Champagne or with Sherry. What type of sherry depends on personnel, a sweet Pedro Ximenez would probably be best, however many people prefer a dry Fino or Mazanilla.

Camembert: Is a soft cheese from Normandy and its full expression of flavour by pairing it with a full bodied Chilean Reserve or Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with this cheese or stay french with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon based Bordeaux. For those of you who drink white wine Chenin blanc is a good match with Camembert particular a full flavoured south African option.

Feta: This cheese is made using sheep’s milk and varying percentages of goat’s milk, it has a slight salty tangy flavour. Feta works fabulously well with Beaujoulais, the young vibrant fruit in the wine bringing out the full expression of the cheese.

Other Goat’s Cheeses: wines are a fantastic when partnered with a grassy Sancerre or a citrusy Vouvray. Another option to try would some of the barrel fermented New World Sauvignons from Chile and New Zealand.