Maybe its to do with all the talk about this Lisbon treaty recently, but we have decided to do some special offers on some excellent Portuguese Wines. In fact it has nothing to do with the treaty at all, its to do with the fact that Portuguese wines are among the most under-rated wines in our store- and this is an injustice which has to be corrected!!! The simple fact is that Portuguese wines are among some of the best wines we have in store and its a secret we’re willing to let everyone in on!

Occupying a narrow strip on the Iberian Peninsula, the dominant factor in grape growing in Portugal is the Atlantic ocean. Along the coast, where it is wet and cool, wines produced here are hard to ripen and are therefore high in acidity- wines like vinho verde are made here. However, in the northeastern quarter of the country the climate is much warmer and sunnier, with less rainfall. This is where Portugal grows its best Reds!

Not only does Portugal have the right conditions for growing Grapes, it also has a whole host of indigenous grapes. One of the most important grapes is the Touriga Nacional, not only the mainstay of Port, but also responsible for some of the best reds from the Dao or Douro region in Northeastern Portugal. Touriga Francesca has then been described as playing Cabernet Franc to Portugal’s Cabernet Sauvignon- the Touriga Nacional. It has become increasingly more popular in the Northeastern region of Portugal, and while not quite as full as the Touriga Nacional but still posses a lot of the same elements coupled with a floral complement. Kind of like Robin to Batman. Portugal’s other predominant Grape variety is Tinta Roriz also known Tempranillo to the Spanish.

Alvarino is one of Portugal’s primary white Grapes, its used in Vinho Verde wine- which if you remember correctly is grown on the coast…- but this Grape has a particular thick skin, which serves to protect it against the unfriendly conditions here. Louriero is another white known grown in Vinho Verde country. It Produces its best quality around Braga, and is usually quite low in alcohol.

Anyways I’m sure we will be sending out and e-mail soon detailing exactly what we will have on offer in store until then, there is absolutely no harm in telling ye a little bit about Portuguese regions and grape varieties. Should ye want to know more then feel free to pop into us at any stage!