A recent study published in the journal Appetite set about analysing how we react to being told how the critics rate the wines we are about to drink. They divided the test group of 163 into 3 and gave them all a taste of the 2006 Clos de los Siete wine which was scored 92 points in Robert Parkers Wine Advocate. They told one set of subjects the correct points score, another set that the wine scored a lowly 72 and did not inform the third set either way. The reuslts then showed that those who were told the correct score rated the wine highly while those who were informed of the incorrect score felt the wine was poor quality. Now all this study proves is that we are lead by what we read and hear about wines, we could have told them that with out the need for 163 to be tested. Many of us are influenced greatly by the label on a bottle, despite being constantly reminded not judge a book by its cover, of course what we read and hear about a particular bottle of wine will affect our judgement, how many people would by a bottle with the label reading PLONCK?.

However how else are we to decide on if we like a wine if we are to ignore the recommendations of critics and friends and anyone else who advises us on what wine to try?