While browsing the offers we have on Italian wines at the moment, looking for a bottle to bring home for Sunday afternoon, I stumbled onto Candido’s Capello di Prete, tranlation ‘The Priests Hat’. After using trusty goolge translate to discover this I decide this was the wine for me. Not only is the name impressive but so is the wine, it is produced from 100% Negroamaro grape which is native to Apuglia or Puglia in southern Italy.

The high heel of Southern Italy, the region known as Apuglia, is virtually paved with vines. Breaking up the vines are vast olive groves for the production of oil. These two resources not only guaranteed the economic viability of the region but, have served as sustanence as well for over two millenia. The Greeks settled these lands long ago, calling what was to become Southern Italy “Enotria” which means ‘Land of the vines’. While some things have changed over the years, the vines have remained the same. The vast vineyards, much of them planted to Negroamaro a great, indiginous variety of this area.

The wine produces from the Negroamaro grape tend to be of a deep dark garnet colour. The are medium to full bodied and dark fruit and plumy flavours, firm tannins and good acidity. Candido’s Capello di Prete (Literally the Priest’s hat) is an outstanding example of Negroamaro, from on of Puglia’s top family producers. This wine is selected from a single vineyard of Negroamaro. It is fullbodied with a dark cherry red colour and a richly perfumed nose with nuances of coffee, liquorice and vanilla. It has a lovely warm mouthfeel with delicous dark fruit flavours and a soft yet lingering finish. A wine you could drink all night long!