I know what you’re thinkin (but only if you’ve been following our blogs over the last couple of week- and you better have been!!) another photo of Don Corleone??? Well i’m sorry but he has to be included- especially when you talk about Sicillian wine! La Casa Nostra, or more lovingly known as “the mob”, emerged in Sicily in the late 19th century! And as everyone knows a good mobster needs a good drink- and what could be better than after a long day planning armed robberies and illegal gambling games, than to sit down to a nice glass of Nero d’Avola. Nero d’Avola is the most important red wine grape in Sicily and is suprisingly similar to a new world shiraz! It posses that punchy peppery fist that is wraped in a velvet glove of sweet tannins! A balance between brute physical force and pure class! It is no wonder then to find Cusamano have blended some Nero D’Avola with Syrah (see Shiraz Vs Syrah).

This blend of Nero d’Avola (70%) and Syrah (30%) combines the best known Sicilian indigenous red with the refinement of an international varietal, and a judicious amount of oak. The end result is an unforgettable combination of: a floral perfume, thick red and black fruit, medium to full-bodied structure, and a well integrated oak finish. And now for the important bit, the name of the wine is Cusamao Benuara. Benuara is the name of a local red wildflower, which can be seen on the label.