The fabulous queen (not the band above) of grapes has had a though time of late what with that upstart Pinot Grigio stealing the spotlight and the love of the people. But not one to be dissuaded she is making her come back this time as a sophisticated Italian, if it is good enough for the pretender then it is certainly good enough for the Queen. Many of you will be familiar with Antonutti’s fabulous Pinot Grigio currently on 2 for €25 but what many of you will not be familiar with is Antonutti’s ‘Vis Terrae’ Chardonnay, one of the surprise wines of the festival with many customers coming back saying the had forgotten that chardonnay wasn’t all buttery oak. Over the years the vast oceans of cheap chardonnay served up to us has led many to believe that all chardonnay is acidic and intensley buttery not true, this wonderful grape can adapt to many different styles from crisp Chablis to buttery Aussie Chardonnays to pineapple and melon flavours found in unoaked new world Chardonnay. Now is the time to look up an old friend she may not be the most popular at present but she is still the queen. If you don’t believe me then try one of the following.

Antonutti ‘Vis Terrae’ Chardonnay 2007, Italy €16.95 now 2 bottles for €30

Brilliant golden yellow colour, the nose has aromas of fruit pulp with tropical fruit notes and a hint of minerality. The palate is full and rounded with tropical fruits and the finish is long and lingering showing well intergrate oak.

Domaine de Valanges Macon Fuisse 2007, France €16.95

Aromas of lemons and citrus fruit with a hint of hazelnut. Rich smooth mouthfeel with apple and lemon flavours. The finish is lively with well balanced with good acidity and length.

O’Leary Walker Chardonnay 2006, Australia €17.95

Single vineyard wine with a golden colour and aromas of nectarine, white peach and grape fruit. The palate is fine yet powerful with great intenseity and length with peach and hazelnut notes. The finish is clean and well balanced.