Its no secret- we all like the taste of different things!! But it appears its not just down to personal preferences… its down to the amount of taste buds we have! Now there are several tests you can do to see whether you fall into the Sensitive, Hypersensitive, or Tolerant catergory! But the easier option is to take this quiz! Can you imagine it? A world where knowledge of “terroir”, ampelography, or even varietal is needed! There’s definatly no disputing that things would be a lot easier in this world- but is it really that simple?

The division into hypersensitive, sensitive, and tolerant goes like this! Hypersensitive people (otherwise known as supertasters!!) have the most tastebuds, and therefore experience a whole host of things at once! Which is isn’t as good as you might think… instead they have a heightened sensitivity to bitterness and other bold flavours! In fact super- tasters will generally not like cucumber because it actually has a bitter taste thats only detectable to hypersensitive people! So if you find cucumber bitter then chances are you’d like wines with finnesse and balance such as pinot noirs or german wines or alsace rieslings!

The next in line is the sensitive taster! I myself fall into this category according to the online quiz! And i have to say that its not a million miles wrong when you look at the wines they suggest! In the whites there’s Chardonnays and Viogniers! Which I love! And in the reds there’s Shiraz, Rhone style blends, and Zinfandels!! All spot on!! And last but not least then we come to the tolerant tasters! the people with the fewest tastebuds! But all this means is they need bigger bolder flavours!! The type that doesn’t even care for whites all that much! And who loves their Bordeaux’s, Barolo’s, and their Rioja’s. BUUUUUTTTT!!! I also like my Bordeauxs, Barolo’s and my Rioja’s…. and i also like my lighter Pinot Noirs and Rieslings! Its true I love an Australian Shiraz more often than not- but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a Wine for what it is in a given moment! Take the quiz definatly cause it is interesting- but never let it deter you from trying something different- because you could miss out on something great!