Eternum Viti- €14-95
Now we are not ones to say “we told you so”… but to be fair… we’ve been telling ye for ages about how good this wine is!! But now its finally got the recognition it deserves!! And i know it got a score of 90 points of the messiah of wine Robert Parker- but now the wine makers of Eternum Viti have something new to put on their cv!! It has just been announced that it is the best wine for under €15 available in Ireland by Ireland’s Food & Wine magazine!! The wine is 100% Tempranillo and is grown in the Toro region in spain. Toro only received a official DO status in 1987- but is certainly asserting itself as one of spains best wine regions and is best known for its bold red wines! In fact the Toro wines are so robust and strong that apparently Christopher Columbas loaded up the pinta half full with toro wines becasue they had the body and structure to last long journeys! Now i’m not suggesting you load up a ship with Eternum Viti and head of to try and discover a new country, but it is a great wine! And whats truly amazing about this wine is that it still has a lot more to give!! If you drink this now you will need to give it some time to breathe, becasue it is big and powerful- but also becasue it is still realtively young!! So young in fact that it should keep drinking very well until 2020! I’ve tried this wine twice, and both times i couldn’t have been more pleasantly suprised! And it is definatly one to enjoy over the coming years!!