First off! Its been far too long since we’ve done one of these give it a go blogs… but i feel one grape variety that has certainly warrented a blog is Gruner-Veltliner (you couldn’t imagine how hard its goin to be to avoid making the joke “its gru-vee” is going to be in this blog!!!) But this grape variety has come to the forefront in the past year or so! The grape itself is Austrian! And accounts for roughly 36% of Austria’s wine production, and they are pretty proud of this fact!! As with any wine the standard is dependant on the region! The best examples can be found in the lower Austrian regions of Kamptal, Kremstal, and lastly but not leastly for true lovers of gruner-veltliner- Wachau! As you can see from the photo above, the steep terraced vineyards, and warm climate provide the perfect “terroir” for fantastic dry white wines!! Infact the Wines from this region are given such a pleasing minerality that they would give even the best Chablis a run for their money!

Like a certain somebody from Austria (Arnold Schwarzenegger…) Gruner-Veltliner has gone through somewhat of a transformation in recent years!! Going from an action movie star to the Govenor of California wasn’t easy for good old Arnie!! But neither is changing your image from one of a mass produced table wine, to one that is quickly being concidered one of the worlds best whites!! And thats just whats happening!! The Austrians are very proud of their grape- and it shows in the great wines they are producing today!! If you love rieslings, gewurtztraminers, sauvignon blancs, and Chablis’- then you should definatly give this one a go!!
Domane Wachau- Gruner-Veltliner 2007 €14.95

An almost clear light straw yellow in colour. Yellow apple and pear fruit on the nose with faint nuances of lentils, asparagus, and tobacco. Grapefruit and white pepper spice intermingle perfectly on the light-mediem bodied frame- which is given extra life by its great accidity!!