We all remember being draged to mass as children every sunday!! And no matter what excuse you would try and come up with every week it didn’t work- you were still going to end up sitting on that bench for half an hour (usually much much longer) before you were free to play for the rest of the day!! We all knew every part of the mass when we were younger- and not out of any religious reason, but instead there were certain things the priest did which served as road marks for how long was left! For instance once the priest entered- we all knew what was coming next!! An hour (maybe less… probably not though…) or so of our lives that we couldn’t escape! Then came the handshakes- and the aim of the game was to get as many as you possibly could!! Which was followed by the collection plate which entailed seeing what was the biggest amount put in! And then we came to the bit with the bells- which we later found out to be known as the Eucarist! And always the priest would take a big gulp of Christs blood from a gold cup… wait- what? Why was he drinking Christ’s blood from a cup? Obviously as the years past I finally realised that it was wine… ahhhhh that explainds the genorous gulp!!

But what was so special about this wine that gave it such a huge part in our sunday ritual?? Well first off there are certain rules when it comes to Altar wine, but at the same time its not Gospel… (at this point I feel I should warn ye… I’ve spent most of the day trying to get information about what grapes they use… but I failed so if anyone knows please feel free to share this with me in the comments!!) But what I did find out is that it can be white or red, (in fact white is slightly preffered because it doesn’t make quite as big a mess if spilt on the priests robes) but the grape must be pure!!! And as such it should be grown by somebody who wishes to keep the grape “pure”… now believe it or not I’ve spent hours reading the rules about the grapes that go into Altar Wine, and all “pure” seems to mean to me anyways, is that it is organic (again I might be wrong… but feel free to call me on it!!)