So here we are… its Christmas time and for your enjoyment we have decided to do 12 blogs of christmas this year. Because after all Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without wine! So over the coming weeks we will be bringing you a host of different things to do with wine and Christmas. It will vary from the practical- such as mulled wine, and what wine to serve best with Christmas dinner- to the not so practical- like how to make christmas decorations out of unwanted wine corks. So before we dive right into this season where we all strive relentlessly to make it the perfect time of year, we would like to wish ye all a Merry Christmas- and good luck!

So our first in our little series of Blogs will be on mulled wine. Mulled wine started as a way of making wine that had gone bad drinkable again by adding spices and honey. But its much better if you use wine that hasn’t gone bad- having said that if feel free to use bad wine, but I think your guests this Christmas might prefer good wine! The main ingredients used are Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmegs (which we all sell in store in handy little packets for €4.45). But you cam also add 2 clementines, peel of lemon and lime, and 250g caster sugar. (I’m stealing Jamie Olivers recipie for this so here’s the link). But the most important aspect of Mulled Wine is the…. Wine!! Now a lot of people say it doesn’t matter what one you pick- but others disagree. I don’t see why you wouldn’t pick a wine you like. Me personally I think i would go forn the Canidido Primitivo because it alreeady has that bit of spicyness to it anyways, or maybe the Yalumba Bush-Vine Grenache! But like anything else to do with wine its down to personal preference- just don’t pick a white!!