So in a couple of weeks the big man is goin to be puttin on the big red suit and gearin up the reindeer for their big journey around the globe. But the question is what to leave out for the big man when he comes to drop off his presents. But first of all we would like to point out that if Santa was drivin the sleigh (which he’s not, the reindeer are…) it would have to be a non- alcholoic drink- for obvious reasons! But luckily enough he is going to be chauffeured around the place by his reindeer, so the big man can enjoy a glass or two on his big night (its not all about work you see)- a line of thought even Jackie Healy-Rae could get behind…. wait a minute… big red face… slightly overgrown around the waist… you don’t think??? could he be??? Well you have to admit the similarities are striking….

Ok so Jackie Healy-Rae… I mean… Santa Claus Comes down your chimney- He’s already been all over the world, he’s tired, and he’s probly very cold… so what could you leave out for him to cheer him up!! Well for these cold wet winter months, there’s only one thing for it!! A nice big full bodied red wine! Now you can’t get much more full bodied than a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Tempranillo. For Cabernets the obvious place to start is Bordeaux and we have multiple options when it comes Bordeaux wines. But for something slightly different try Cabernets from the coonawarra region in Australia. Coonawarra is synonymous with classy Cabernets, full of plum and blackcurrant fruit. So much so that sucess with other grape varieties in this region has been overlooked in recent years. The limestone geology also suits Chardonnays and Rieslings, but with Cabernets like these there is little need to look to far afield! We have 2 Cabernets from this region in store:

Reschke “vitulus” Caberent Sauvignon- €19.95
Vitulus is the Latin for Bull-calf. This wine posseses fragrances of violet and mint, with concentrated black fruits and blueberry flavours. Supple yet firmly fleshed, tender oak and great tannins- just right to put a smile on Santa’s face this Christmas!

Wynns Cabernet Sauvignon- €17.95
Casis and red berries mingle with a strong background of cherry oak, ground coffee, dark chocolate and mint. He may even stay for a second glas of this one!
So there you have the perfect wines to warm up Santa- or anyone else- on these cold wet winter months!! Hope Ye’re aren’t gettin too stressed out yet!! Merry Christmas!