We’re edging ever closer to the big day now and i don’t know about you but its definatly starting to feel a lot like Christmas! So i Hope you all have your Christmas Presents bought and are realxing for the big day. If you aren’t one of the lucky few, however, who have gotten everything ready then don’t fear there’s still plenty of time- but you should probably start getting things ready soon…

So here we are to the rescue- to provide you with a whole host of ideas to get you through the next few days. Now we all know that everyone enjoys a glass of wine at Christmas- but we also know that nobody enjoys a glass of wine at Christmas more than a mum or dad, especially at the end of a long day. But this year we have a few more things to take into consideration- such as value for money, and also how freekin cold it is!! So for reds- i think they will have to be big and full-bodied. Malbec- the perfect grape for the winter thats in it. And lucky for ye we have a special offer of

2 bottles of Argento Malbec for €20.
Concentrated aromas of plums and black cherries. 8 months in oak has created rich fruit flavours which are rounded which are rounded by perfectly soft, supple tannins! Just the right wine to have after a long day running around town buying all sorts!
Now if its a white you’re looking for then New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are the way to go-and if its value you’re looking for then the Wingspan cannot be beaten! Special offer from now until the end of december at 2 for €20- try and it and i gurantee you’ll love it!