You’ll have to forgive us for taking our time in getting a new blog up- we’ve been pretty busy this year… But rest assured we are well on our way to getting our Blogs up in time for Christmas!

So it is time to start thinking about what to do for the Christmas dinner this year. Now you’ll read plenty of articles this year about recipes to try out and what wine to use-but few people will have had a practice run quite as recently as me. This year for the sake of celebration I decided to have a thanksgiving dinner- just to see if I could pull it off. Well I was pleasantly surprised (and so were my guests) when nobody ended up in hospital with food poisoning. But what was even more surprising was how easy the whole thing was… Now I had a little help, but the main thing is to get the Turkey right- if you get that then nobody will even notice the other stuff! So I hear you calling out “what was that wonderful recipe you used that saved so many people the hassle of having to go to the emergency room with food poisoning????” The answer lye’s on Jamie Oliver’s website (Here’s the link). The only tricky bit is getting the stuffing in between the skin and the actual meat- but if you watch Bear Grylls then you’ll know not to use you fingers or else you may rip the skin- instead you should make a half fist and use you knuckles! Trust me it’s a disgusting feeling but it is 100% worth it when you sit down to eat it! (obviously goes without saying- wash your hands before doing this…)

So that’s the Turkey covered! And anything else you want on your plate is up to you! But in your wine glass we can help you there as well! Now at my little thanksgiving dinner I was the only one drinking red- which worked out pretty well for me! I tried 2 wines, both excellent- but one out shown the other. The 2 wines I had were Pinot Noirs- it is the best grape to go with Roast Turkey. The First was the O’leary- Walker Pinot Noir. Excellent wine and is available in store for €17.95, but is on special offer at 2 for €30. Well worth a try and really good value…. But its only downfall was that the second wine eclipsed it on the day. The wine in question is The Bill Pinot Noir- cannot emphasise how much I loved this wine- it worked with the Turkey so well and the fact that nobody else was drinking red made it all the better! The Bill is usually €19.95 but until the end of December it has 20% off, making it €15.96!