Now you know what red I’ll be drinking this year- and also for the record the thanksgiving dinner went so well that I’m taking over the cooking of the Christmas dinner this year. But I digress and in my last blog I felt White wine would earn another Blog all together. Why??? Because its time to address a problem in the wine world- Why has Chardonnay gotten such a bad wrap in recent years? The answer is simple (this is obviously just my opinion…)- Chardonnay was TOO good. It fell victim to its own high standards and as a result became over produced, and therefore the quality of grapes being used fell- and so here we find ourselves, in a world were people who like chardonnay do so in secret… tentatively asking us in store for a bottle of Chardonnay like it’s a crime. But do not fear if you love Chardonnay there is nothing wrong with you- you are merely one of the few who has been lucky enough to drink good Chardonnay. Now there are plenty of good Chardonnay to try in store so next time you’re in, be brave and ask us for a good bottle of Chardonnay we won’t guide you wrong and on Christmas day you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This Christmas I’ll be bringing home a bottle of William Cole Chardonnay for my family to enjoy!

Butttttt having said all that- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc. Especially a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. And if that Sauviognon Blanc at your dinner table this year happened to be the Wild South Reserve then I don’t think you will have gotten things too wrong.