Happy New Year To All.

Hopefully you all got over the festive season with out a hiccup and enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine in the process. We are hoping to get a little feed back from our readers on what wines they tried and liked.

This is the time of year we all set about making our News Resolutions, quiting smoking, taking up running in the morning, all those good intentions. But in discussing it with some of the customers who have been in to us since the New Year one of the most common resolutions in regard to wine has been to expriment, not only with different regions and countires but even grape types and colour. If you want to try something different what is stopping you like it, love it or loathe it every wine you try brings you futher into the great adventure that is the fruit of the vine. So if your one for resolutions, you could try the usual suspects, but i heartly recommend taking up something that will feel like a reward for doing all the others!