Next stop on our intrepid journey through the different wine regions in Australia is…. Margaret River! Interesting fact about Margaret River- it is only about 40 years ago since the first vines were planted there…. A fact that gets even more shocking when you learn that Wine produced in Margaret River only accounts for about 3% of Australia’s over all wine… But it accounts for about 20% of its Premium Wine- so it seems they’re doing something right!
The region itself is strongly influenced by the coast- more so than any other Australian wine producing region, and is similar to a Mediterranean climate. The soil is predominantly gravely or gritty sandy loam which overall is ideal. Basically in a dry year- Margaret River wines are pretty similar to Bordeaux. So technical bit over with- which accounts for most of their success in the wine making business. But whats that thing that makes Margaret River unique? Well its their youth as a wine producing region. It is after all roughly 40 years old… So progressive techniques are encouraged here- its not stagnated by a dependency on the past. Instead its youth as a region gives it the freedom to innovate and Produce new and exciting wines!