So its been a while since our last blog… Apologies, Apologies… just been pretty busy! But we have finally arrived at my favourite region in Australia- Coonawarra (favourite not just because its got a cool name). Why is it my favourite? i hear you call! Well simply put Cabernets from this region are Incredible. The region’s climate is Similar to Bordeaux in its climate…. but so too is Margaret River… so whats the big deal about Coonawarra? (This photo on the left will make more sense in a bit)

So its got the right Climate… what else could it be that adds to this already brilliant region? Well its their soil, other wise known as terra rossa- meaning red soil. Now i was about to go into a huge amount of detail about why this soil is so important to its terroir… But essentially all you need to know is that this top layer of soil is free draining but thin, and so the next layer has to be broken up for the roots to… well… take root in… and what all this means is Coonawarra grapes are filled with an intensity rarely found elsewhere! Forget the left bank in Bordeaux- Cabernets from Coonawarra are taking over.