So after months of hard work- finally my Blog gets its first comment! I got to say I’m pretty happy about that… Whether you agree with me or not I welcome all comments- otherwise what would be the point of the Blog? But enough about that- in preparation for New Zealand day we’ll be covering the major wine regions in New Zealand! Today- Marlborough! It has the reputation for the best Sauvignon Blanc in the World and yet all you get is people looking for the one type of wine from there… Cloudy Bay… Now I’m not saying its a bad wine- but come on! Its the best region in the world for Sauvignon Blanc…. there’s much better value wines to get from there! Anyways Whats the Secret to their success? Well nothing really- they started plantings there in 1970’s which is incredible when you think about it. In just 40 years they’ve built up that kind of reputation. But as i was saying- the key to their success is the Climate- it suits the Sauvignon Grapes so perfectly. Protected to the west by mountains, Marlborough is one of the Sunniest, driest places in New Zealand, but still has a cool climate which leads to a long intense ripening period, which leaves the Grapes Bursting with Flavour. That’s all that really needs to be said about this region- there’s no secret to why Marlborough produces such great wines! It just does! But, there are a few different sub regions within Marlborough- So don’t just stick with one particular brand… cough cough cloudy bay cough… experiment! Ye Won’t regret it!