Now their are many of us out there who enjoy a nice glass of red wine and chocolate, it is one of the top food wine combinations. If you haven’t tried it then- my god- get out there and get some nice chocolate, the darker the better and a nice full bodied red. Two great wines to try with dark chocolate are the Blue Cutting Road Cabernet Merlot and Spain’s own Eternum Viti from Toro, and both could be worth a go this weekend when trying to impress your Valentine. But the king of this combination is undoubtedly Recioto della Valpolicella from Italy, one word describes the combination of dark chocolate with Recioto, Divine.

But a husband and wife wine making team based in Bordeaux, France have taken the wine chocolate combination a step further, and created Appelation Sensations. Which brings us wine-filled chocolates. Appellation Sensations does two variations on this theme. Their all-natural dark chocolates (shown here) are 72 percent cacao and filled with red Bordeaux estate wine. The perfect gift this Valentines maybe??