Christmas is well and truly over, the ice has melted and now spring is so close to being upon us- but we’ve got one last thing to celebrate…. Valentines Day! So if your Christmas gift to that special someone wasn’t quite up to par this year then this is your chance to redeem yourself! Now nothing says Romance quite like a Sparkling wine, and Nothing says Valentines day like the colour pink….

Sparkling Wine+Colour Pink= Sparkling Rose

BINGO! Problem solved just crack a bottle of Sparkling Rose and your sure to impress… provided you don’t hit them with cork when it opens…. or else a Valentines in casualty would not be easily forgiven… So here’s how to open the perfect bottle of Sparkling Wine- remove the wire mesh around the top (carefully though its not unusual for the cork to fly off once the wire is gone…). Tilt the Bottle away from everyone holding it with one hand around the fat part of the bottle, and the other on the cork. Now while holding the cork twist the bottle with the hand around the fat part- resist the urge to yank the cork out!!! Now if you successfully do this then You will be well on your way to having a great Valentines- as opposed to shaking the bottle like a formula 1 driver, and letting the cork fly off to hit your loved one right between the eyes… Unless you want to get dumped this Valentines- then go right ahead!