Every now and then certain things happen which allows us to be pretty smug on this Blog- like the Eternum Viti from Toro winning best value under €15! Or as is the case here the wines of O’Leary-Walker winning a bucket load of awards! If you don’t believe us just take a stroll by the shop we’ve got all the articles up in the window- don’t believe the articles then try some of the wines and see what all the fuss is about! They Started their Winery in 2001 with a simple Philosophy-source the best grapes from the best Vineyards and therefore make the best wines….

Best Grapes+Best Vineyards=Best Wines!
Ya I can see how that works so well for them… So for anyone who follows the Blog (all the millions of ye…) Ye will know that James Halliday gave them 5 stars out of 5 stars- pretty good once you realise the requirements to get such an award (here’s the link to our own blog on this…). So they couldn’t simply be an overnight success by taking the best fruit, from the best regions, to make the best wine. On the contrary both worked at several different vineyards in Australia producing great wines until they got bored of their success- and decided instead to start producing for themselves… They are essentially living the dream- doing what they love to do, and doing it better than everyone else. So you see we’re not the only ones who get to be smug over their success- they can be pretty smug about it too!