First off- the sun is incredible- spring is truly here and everyone seems to be waking up from that daze that people slip into over January and February! But what does march bring to us- well for those of you with kids, it probably means First communion…. which to its credit is always a great excuse for a party! So you’ve got to buy your kids their new clothes, send out the invitations, and arrange some sort of a gathering… well we’re sorry to tell you we can’t help much with the new clothes, or the invitations… but by way of gatherings, well then we can certainly help there. Now there are always one or two things to take into consideration when buying wine for a big party- and this stays true for weddings, birthdays, etc.

Number 1: Buy enough for everyone- you don’t want to be the person who ran out of Pinot Grigio after the first hour and then have to go on a wine or beer run.

Number 2: Enough glasses at the ready- Wine out of a beer glass just doesn’t seem right. You can rent the glasses from us if you need- just a 20 euro deposit is all we ask!

Number 3: Keep everyone happy, buy cutting down on their options- Good quality wines at affordable prices are not impossible to come by (just ask in store we have a function list of wines that are great and affordable). So if you find a general red and white- like tempranillo or merlot, and sauvignon or pinot grigio- at a good price then stick to one of each! You cut down on the variety in front of them, then they have little to compare it against, and that way you won’t end up with everyone drinking all the Tempranillo and leaving you with all the Merlot, or Vice Versa!

Number 4: Stick with what you like- not everyone is an expert people just know what type of wines work for them- sample a few different wines yourself, and trust that what you like will be a crowd pleaser! We can guide you towards areas you might like and whats been popular at functions before- every palate is different, but all that means is people will appreciate a good the wine differently to you! But as Long as its being appreciated then your party is sure to be a success!

At the heart of its the kids day- and wine is important, but what could spell disaster for the day is to have kids hyped up on too much caffeine. Top Tip for the day- try our Belvoir Fruit Presses- they kids will like them, and anyone who isn’t drinking alcohol will love the flavour! Ask in store about them! Anyways as I’m sure ye all know we have a load of different wines on offer at the moment from France, with some truly great deals to be had- so if you feel like putting a french spin on a communion, or any other party you’ll be having, then feel free to come in and ask- or e mail us at