So the problem with anything in life is when it becomes stale… And I don’t know about ye, but i thought the old format was getting a bit stale- so i decided to keep ye up to date with the changes We’ve made! Basically nothing major, a new template background (entitled scribe- I felt this would give our Blog a sense of grandeur! and therefore make the whole experience more rewarding for you guys… I know I know i overdid- but what can I say… I think ye’re worth it!) Second little nifty feature for ye to enjoy- Notice above the blogs themselves you’ll see changing news captions, well this is linked to google news, with a special view to giving ye the most up to date news on wine! You see how helpful that is? Imagine it- you’re at a fancy pancy dinner party and someone says something about this recent scandal with E&J Gallo and the french grape growers… Well how nice would it to not only be able to contribute to the conversation, but also be somewhat of an expert on it?? Well now you can because of our new Newsreel above! And finally- this one is only small, but we have added a little Survey to the left of the screen… purely out of interest, and to give us an idea of what you’d like us to blog about! We’re working on getting a website up and running soon- so you’ll have to bear with us until that day, but hopefully these nifty updates will keep ye all very happy!

Also a little side note- we’ll be closed tomorrow for St Paddys day, so enjoy ye’re day and we’ll see ye on thursday!