With Easter around the corner it’s important to remember that there is more to this Holiday than Bunnies and Eggs (Is it me or are they getting cheaper and cheaper?). Easter in Ireland means the real start of spring daffodils are appearing around the place and the weather is becoming milder and there is the long awaited stretch in the evenings.

And as I said above aside from the bunnies, Easter is a time for another cute animal, Lamb. This time of year lamb starts making its way back to our dinner tables and lamb needs nice reds to accompany it the traditional wines chosen include Chianti, Rioja and Bordeaux, but this year why not try something new some Portuguese Reds, or some of Spain’s other wine producing regions like Toro or Ribera Del Duero, or even a nice new World Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet blend. Spring has arrived time for us to shake of those winter blues and try something new.