So i think this could be the start of something great for our little blog- becasue at the end of the day we get a lot of new wines in pretty regularly into the store. But last wednesday we started our Iberian Superstars promotion! Which has meant that we have now got a lot of new Spanish and Portuguesse wines on offer at the moment! Now we geenrally send out e mails to whoever is on our database detailing what exactly is on offer, but it only recently occured to me (yes i am a bit of a slow learner…) that not everyone is on our database… Well first off shame on you if you aren’t, but do not fear becasue this will become a regular little blog segment detailing what is new!
First off they way we work our special offers is easy- you can get 2 for €20, 2 for €25, or 2 for €30! and if that wasn’t enough…. we are always have some fine wine that has 20% off it! Also feel free to mix across the offers- we don’t mind that! So enough of me rambling on explaining how a special offer works, I’m sure ye are all more than capable to figure it out!
First off- in the 2 For €20 range we’ve got 3 new ones! A white from Prova Regia, a red from the Douro region, both of which are portuguesse, and finally a red from Navarra…. but something a little different! The white is made from 100% Arinto, and has an exuberant nose of passionfruit and pineapple, the palate is then vibrant and refreshing! The red (Porca de Murca) is made from some of the more traditional grapes to come from Douro region, this wine is pretty good value with a palate full of sweet red cherry and currants. The finish then offers a great sweet black pepperiness which lingers nicely. The Spanish red (Pagos De Araiz) is interesting- 60% Tempranillo, 20%Merlot, and 20& Cabernet Sauvignon… Don’t think i’ve ever tried a blend like this before, but Navarra can be much more mellow than the neighbouring- and much more famous region of- Rioja so this blend of big grapes could actually be pretty nice (I’m actually going to take a bottle home tonight just to see what its like, I’ll let ye know in the comment section below tomorrow!)
So on to the 2 for €25’s- Quite a few new ones- 5 in total for this section! First up Urbion Crianza– 100% Tempranillo from Rioja, Lovely intense cherry colour with mineral and Roated coffee aromas. The palate is meaty but balanced- a must for anyone who likes Rioja Crianza’s! Second- not quite a new one, its actually been in the store about a month already, but thought it could do with a mention- Vina los Valles Crainza 70:30– The 70:30 stands for 70% Tempranillo 30% Graciano, but what will really wine you over is that its organic (no that doesn’t mean no sulphites, but it is still nice to know!) Medium Bodied, deep cherry red colour. Subtle aromas of ripe red fruits, with elegant spicy notes of leather. Well balanced maturity and a nice acidity- Well worth a try, cause the Graciano really brings something new to this Crianza! Third- Quinta Dos Aciprestes. Imagine my dissapointment… we’ve had the reserva of this wine for a while now, and it is fantastic! It really is- it’s even manageed to win over some of the most die hard Rioja fans, and that takes some work! So anyways, I finish work on Saturday and take a bottle of this home lookkin forward to it because it’s a blend I’ve never tried before- Touringa Franca, Tinta Barroca and Tempranillo! Should go great with Roast pork… but it was corked… almost ruined my evening! But these things happen and no matter how careful the producer is- but rest assured i will try it and leave the notes in the Comment box.
Forth- one of the 2 new whites in this range. Tempestad Godello. If you like unoaked Chardonnay then this is for you! Fresh minerality on the nose, it has a rich, balanced palate with a touch of creaminess on the lingering finish. And 5th- Dilluvio Albarino (take note of my oh so cleverly titled blog below!) needs a bit to open up, but otherwise a classic Albarino, and very good value.
OK so in the 2 for €30 range we’ve got 2 new ones! Pegos Claros Garrafeira– A warm enticing nose with a sweet blurt of raspberry, nice figgyness and velvety tannins with blueberry fruit! Definitely something different and well worth a try! And secondly- Herdade Da Farizoa, Alentejo Res, 2006. One of the more interesting blends to come from this region, which gets a lot of sunshine. And that’s just what makes this so interesting- Touringa Nacional, Tempranillo, and Syrah…. yes thats right! Wonderful flavours of deep plum, with touches of fig. Blackberry, black fruit gums dominate on the palate, but also get some support form some freshness with firm supporting tannins! Well Worth a Try!
So thats the lot, but we do have around 35 wines from Spain and Portugal on promotion at the moment- so you’ll definitely find something you like in there! Anyways look forward to seeing ye soon!