Alright, so for something a little different today I’m going to be focusing on Coffee…. but not just any coffee- THE BEST COFFEE I’VE EVER HAD! Let me put this in context… for years there i never once had breakfast… my morning routine consisted of standing out in the back garden with my boxers on with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. And for 5 or so years that was what i woke up to… But recently- and I mean majorly recently i quit the cigarettes… yes yes, I now walk around in a daze, constantly agitated by how itchy the nicotine patches are, chewing an inordinate amount of gum, and being genuinely amazed at how nice flowers smell…. But what’s my point??? Well I knew the real challenge would be those moments i used to enjoy a smoke on my own- like the coffee in the morning… so i abstained from the coffee for a while, simply out of not wanting to ruin my new healthy lifestyle by waving temptation in front of my face.

But yesterday morning i decided to have a coffee- made from my swanky espresso machine! And i realised that if i don’t want to smoke, then I’ll have to have a coffee that will be so good i won’t even have time to think about smoking! Now my choice was Maria Sole (like the build up to the plug?) which we sell in the store! But it was easily the best coffee I’ve ever had- here’s why! It didn’t have that big caffeine kick to it, which is nice because then it simply gives you an alert calmness, also it didn’t have a big acidic side to it either, which is fantastic because i suffer from chronic indigestion and heart burn, and finally it was full of flavours- and that’s what made me think about doing the blog on it, because with wine the thing I’ve come to love is how different flavours pop up on your palate and you have differentiate between them. Now maybe it was my taste buds coming back to life after years of smoking, maybe the coffee was absolutely amazing- but one thing is for sure, the coffee distracted me form ever even thinking about cigarettes!
So there you have it- a coffee so good, it completely distracted me from ever even thinking about that which I could not live without for so long! Now that my little spiel about my endeavours to quit smoking are over, we’ll get back to normal order soon with some bizarrely cleverly titled blog about wine like…. I don’t know…. Chateauneuf-du-CRAP???
Talk to ye soon!