First off… apologies to for taking so long to get back to the blogging- been pretty busy these last couple of weeks, what with our New Zealand wine dinner and our new promotion. Anyways this is just a little reminder that there is only a few days left to enter our sweepstakes we’re having in store! Basically for anyone who doesn’t know we’ve decided to throw together 2 competitions to coincide with our Woodberrys 5-A-Side promotion. Its pretty easy- there will be 2 draws for whoever guesses which team will win the World cup (whoever wins will get a case of wine!!) and the second one is for whoever guesses the golden boot winner (the winner gets a magnum of prosseco!!) Obviously we can’t keep it going right up to the final so we’ll have to stop taking in entries after the group stages are over… But hasn’t it been an interesting world cup so far? The Brazilians are playing actual football, Maradonna turned out to be a pretty decent manager, the French are all but out and the English aren’t good as expected… well somethings never change! So if you think that the English team might actually rally, or that David Villa might start knocking in the goals at any stage now then you’ve only got a couple more days to get into the store and enter!