Debated whether or not the title for this Blog should be Refos-go-for-it! But decided that might be taking the wine puns a little too far! The reason I have decided to blog about this wine is two fold- firstly, it’s not all that well-known even though it is a great wine. Secondly- we had Nicola from Antonutti Wines into us yesterday. Now anyone who comes into the store and looks at our Italian section will know that we stock a lot of Wines from Antonutti, and to be fair they sell pretty well for us! But this was a real treat to meet one of the producers of their wines, and to have him talk about them for a while! Anyways enough about me droning on about the delightful evening we had with Nicola! Time to get to the point!

So Refosco-  when i was reading up about it (yes I’m not an Encyclopedia of Knowledge on all things wine related I do occasionally have to look certain things up…) I found a website that said that Refosco was a grape “Of ancient and somewhat mysterious origins”.  Are they really trying to sex the grape up that much??? Ancient and somewhat mysterious origins??? It is true that it has been around for a while a while that there is a little bit of uncertainty around its origins…. but it’s not the Da Vinci Code!!! I can’t imagine good old Robert Langdon running around Italy trying to discover its origins before the French wine association kills him because they want to keep the secret all to themselves… Actually that’s not a bad idea… Maybe I should give Dan Brown a call!

Anyways, Typically Refosco is one of those Grapes that is quite powerful and tannic- which actually makes it a great pairing for pizza! But what really stood out last night was how smooth it was! Nicola also said that this was wine that would last another 5-10 years, which is great news… but I don’t think anyone has brought this wine with the intention of laying it down for another 5 years… Anyways after a couple of years in the bottle this should develop a lovely floral quality! Anyways that’s it for now on Refosco… I guess all that’s left to say is refos-go-for-it… that was awful… apologies…