So did anyone doubt we were getting it? It was always inevitable sooner or later the rain was coming for us! Oh sure we had a good chuckle at Spain, Italy and France while we had Glorious sunshine and they had buckets of rain… but now its time to  eat some humble pie! The rain has come back to where it belongs good old Ireland!

Now I don’t know about you- but I’ve always like to note the subtle nuances between the different types of Rain we get. Take for example this batch we’re getting today-  Big thick lumps of rain, but surprisingly spread out. Oh you’ll get wet from it, but you almost have the feeling that if you were fast enough you could dodge them… Anyways as per usual I’m waffling on and on and you’re wondering what the point is! Well as with those blogs on Wine for the sunny days, the point is no matter what the situation there will always be a perfect wine for any moment. So while the rain is not quite as special as the sun- It’s not without its own charm! Sure I hate it when my clothes are wet and I’m miserable stuck out in the cold… but the charm comes in those minutes when I’m not out in it, and I’m sitting inside with my feet up and preferably beside a roaring fire. Now that’s where the rain is at its best I feel like I’m beating it, like I’ve got one over on the weather! TAKE THAT WEATHER…

So a situation like that warrants a Wine that will match it- for me its got to be red. Now obviously everyone is different, so what I like will differ to you, but here are my top 3 wines for this situation in reverse order!

In at number 3 we have Merlot! Only rececntly have i really gotten into this grape. I used to be put off by what I found to be a bit of heat on the back palate. But now I really like it, and its all down to that weight that Merlot has! It catches me off guard sometimes like a big explosion in my mouth- but I got to say, for a moment like this Merlot is perfect!

Number 2… I’m going for… hmmm…. difficult one…. but i think it will have to be Shiraz-Viognier! Ya I know it’s a little BBQish… but technically this is still our summer! So if I have to be huddled in beside a fire in the month of July, then I want a Summery Wine!!!

And finally, Who takes the crown as our perfect wine for this occasion?? (was going to say perfect occasion… but we all know being stuck inside because of the rain is less than perfect…) It’s only a Cabernet Merlot blend!! OH but wait… not just any Cab Merlot- one form Coonawarra in Australia! Slightly Bordeauxish, but still with that new world influence! Also the addition of Merlot gives it that extra little bit of weight in the mid-palate. Remember that bit of an explosion with the Merlot I was talking about? Thats what I mean!

I know it’s all reds- but to be fair whites in this situation don’t really suit for me… sorry! Anyways if anyone has their own wines they would have in this situation then please let me know… Looks like this rain isn’t going anywhere so we could have a long summer to try some others…