Not me! And certainly not the guys at the wild hibiscus company! Now I can’t take credit for introducing this idea…. no no the honour actually goes to our Neighbours Tigh Neachtains Bar on Cross Street in Galway… Its actually quite nice we help each other out from time to time and becasue we’re such good pals I stopped in their for a drink the last day after work! So I’m there at the bar waiting for my beer… and next thing I know I see them pouring a glass of Sergio Prosseco, only they threw something into it. So later on when I was sitting down and I asked one of the staff  – What’s that? Oh thats hibiscuss flower!

Yes hibiscuss flowers in your sparkling wine… what will they think of next??? Netles in your soup… The story behind it goes a little like this- One day a man was enjoying a glass of Champagne in the garden with some friends (as you do…) and hibiscuss flower floated into his glass… being the ecentric millionaire that he is he decided to still drink it- flower and all! Good thing he did becasue now we are selling wild hibiscuss flowers in syrup to spruce up your sparkling wines!

In fairness, as much as I’m not really one for the gimmicks, it is actually pretty cool. You see you drop in the flower when its closed, but then the bubbles run off it and open up the petals in the glass- this is 100% sure to impress anyone! But then you can actually eat the Hibiscuss flower! But the thing I really like about these Hibiscuss flowers is they’re website gives you plenty of recipes and cocktail ideas!