Hands up who has seen Bottle Shock- lets see… so that’s am 1, 2,…. NONE OF YE! Ya that’s what I expected- why do I ask this question? Well because I have and also it deals with, I wouldn’t say major turning point, but certainly a point  in wines evolution- the blind tasting in Pairs in 1976 in which Californian wine took on the  might of the French wine and won! Now there has to be nothing I love more than a good underdog story- point in case Rocky movies are my all time favourite movies! So naturally you would think that this movie amazes me- its got everything an underdog, wine and Alan Rickman (the ultimate Die Hard Villan!) But you know what… it just didn’t really come together… and well you know it was crap! But that’s not important… but while I’m on the subject Sideways is crap too! There I said it!

Anyways- away from the movies and back to real life, the event itself was pretty significant! It represented the distance that New World wine had come… but was it really the glorious defining moment that the movie made it out to be? not really… you see the movie depicted what rocky’s 2,3 and 4 depicted the underdog coming through to win outright! But what really happened was more like Rocky 1 or 6 (I never speak of Rocky 5!) the outcome didn’t matter because the underdog went the distance and proved to everyone that he deserved to be there! You see what the movie would have you believe that it was every wine for itself and because a Californian Wine won both the red and white section then it won outright (Chateau Montelena’s Chardonnay, and Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon) but if you view the results for red and whites overall- ie America Vs France- then it works out as a bit of a tie!

So it wasn’t really that big of a moment then… well actually it was! I mean Rocky didn’t win the fight in Rocky 1 but the movie won 3 Oscars! So you see really you look at it from an unbiased view point it was a draw… but they went the distance! And in the end isn’t that what it’s all about?