Friuli is somewhat of an anomaly in Italy located in the far north-east of the country it is heavily influenced by Both Austria and Slovenia. This neat little corner of Italy hides a secret though, and no it’s not the worlds largest chair although they claim to have that too! And a mighty chair it is too, created to honour the fact that this area of Italy produced many a chair, now they have turned their attentions to wine.

And it has emerged as one of the best white producing regions in Europe. They do a mean Pinot Grigio up here, crisp with nice crunchy acidity and lovely mineraly citrus flavours, not to mention their Sauvignon which at its best is more than a match for the french classics from  the Loire. Their reds as well are not to be shirked at. But it is Friuliano the local white grape that is their real secret, original called Tocai Friuliano, the EU have made them drop the Tocai to avoid confusion with the Hungarian Sweet wine, Tokay. Friuliano is a crisp white wine with a medium bodied palate and wonderful pear and citrus flavours. It is works well served with fish and seafood but we reckon it really shows its colours when eaten with prosciutto or any salty cuts of ham.