Not content with sneaking a giant horse into the fabled city of Troy, the Greeks have also managed to sneak a few grape varieties, into Italy and let the Italian claim them as their own!!  Now the grapes in question I will leave for another day, because today I’m concentrating on the grape with Troy in its name, and like all Italian grapes it’s got a bit of an identity crisis when it come to names the most common being Nero di Troia or Uva di Troia. Nero di Troia is grown in Coastal Puglia, the Heel of Italy, and it is believed that it gets part of it’s name from the Town of Troia, which legend has it was founded by a Greek coming back from the destruction of Troy.  Nero Di Troia produces a deep purple red wine that has rich flavours of dark red fruits, plums and red currants. The wines are generally quite elegant but robust, and should definitely by added to your list of must try wines!!