We all know the gentleman to the left, is fond of the other other white meat. But over the week we were discussing the other other white wine, Riesling. It was a pretty strange weekend in that in the shop and at a wine fair we attended there was such interest in this much ignored grape.


New World Riesling tend to be more approachable than their Old world cousins the main reason for this is not surprisingly the ease at which you can understand the labels. Also many German rieslings can be on the sweeter side and the labels for german rieslings are quite informative (if you speak Geraman), but can look quite squashed. The french classics from Alsace tend not to have the fuller fruity flavours of the Aussie and Kiwi Riesling and this can be off-putting for beginners as the wines are less approachable when younger. But it is a grape that needs to be tried, like poor old chardonnay it has been ignored of late and its time to start the revolution!!!

Viva La Riesling!!!