Way back in June of last year we posted a blog on 3 great alternatives to Rioja reds, with all the interest in Spanish wine of late, and to honour their World Cup winning team some of whom have decided to get into the wine making business, take a bow Mr. Andres Iniesta, not content with scoring the winner in the World Cup Final he has decide winemaking is for him. If he makes wine half as good as he plays football we’re in for a treat!

But in the meantime I suggest trying wine from the Bierzo region in North Western Spain. The reds in this area are produced from the local variety Mencia. Most wines produced from Mencia are lighter in body than those from Rioja or Tempranillo, they have a fragrant nose red and dark fruits and floral notes with touches of mocha and chocolate and spice from oak aging. The palates are fruity with notes of blackberries, Cassis and dash of violets, the wines tend to have a touch more acidity than tempranillo, and wonderful red fruit flavours. Think of this wine as the Pinot Noir of Spain!!