Organic wine… hmmm… the best  place to start is well the power of suggestion! Yes the Placebo effect- from the latin for “I will please”. Basically there have been several experiments carried out to test the efficacy of the placebo effect- and guess what? it’s a real thing! Don’t believe me?? Well then let’s have a look at one of the more famous Placebo experiments!

The year is 1987- a young upstart band named U2 have just released the “Joshua Tree” and The Simpsons make their first appearance on tv… yes for all intense purposes 1987 was a year of very little to report! Except for Henderson and Goldman decide to conduct a little experiment on the placebo effect and alcohol! Basically they gave half the people in the experiment alcohol, and the other no alcohol but told them it was alcoholic (a placebo!). And just what do you think happened?? Yes even though it wasn’t alcohol, a significant number of people started behaving as though they were drunk! So what does this have to do with Organic wine?? Well its a blog I’ve been meaning to do for a while now and every time I start I read about how they don’t use pesticides and there’s also this thing called bio-dynamic farming… and it sends me to sleep straight away! Basically because I don’t really care whether or not its Organic or not- for me it’s just a different style of wine! But because we get so many people in saying its the only wine that doesn’t give them headaches I listen and keep my opinion to myself! But the most curious thing happened last Monday… we have got this Spanish wine in that’s 50% Graciano and 50% Grenache, but that’s also Organic! Now we tried it the night before, at our Wine Fair and I and many others loved it so I was telling someone about it! Once they picked up the bottle and saw the Organic Wine tag, they put it straight back down… So we went on to some other wines (I think they eventually went for a French Grenache!) but when I was putting it through the till I asked them why not the Organic wine… “It gives us the worst hangovers ever!!”

Ahhhh now my point about the Placebo effect is starting to make sense! But what’s really interesting is that a lot of wine makers are actually making  technically organic… but they couldn’t be bothered putting it on their wine…. Why???? Well because it doesn’t make a difference! It’s a different style of wine granted… but this whole thing about headaches with or without Organic wine is really all down to the Power of Suggestion! But what happens when I suggest that it doesn’t matter whether or not its Organic… does everyone get headaches or does nobody…..