Following on from last weeks post and the question that arose almost instantly ‘How Long do wines last for?’ This is a very interesting question and very very complicated question to answer in one short blog, but here goes…. 
The simple smart-arsed answer is wine will last until the bottle is opened, drank. spilled or thrown away. But that  doesn’t really answer whats being asked, which is how long will wine continue to get better before ut starts to go along the road to vinegar or something more foul!
The answer is tricky, since virtually each wine matures, in its own way and time, even bottles of the same wine from the same vintage can mature at different rates depending on storage. But the short answer is that most wine you can buy these days is is ready to drink and may improve for a year or three. The notable exception to this are the dearer wines that are built to age gracefully and may not be ready for drinking for anything from 5 to 10 years from when you buy them. These wines tend to be at the top end of the price scale. Deciding when to drink one of these wines is a hard task, but a simple rule is “when in doubt opt for drinking a wine younger.”  If the wine seems too young, there is always the Decanter!!