The title of this post sums up perfectly this wine Muddy Waters’ Deliverance, I know I could have gone in for some banjo music and Jon Voight pictures but I felt the boys at Monty Python had a better phrase.

Anyway back to the wine The Delivernece is a blend of Syrah and Pinotage, yes Pinotage, that weird and wacky grape that the South Africans do some times really well some times really badly. It can be as annoying as the Vuvuzela was at the World Cup and is oddly another South African invention. Anyhow, Muddy Water reckon they’ve got the most southerly grown Pinotage in the world, on New Zealand’s South Island, and they’ve blended with Syrah from their own vineyards to give us the Deliverance. 

Whats it Like?  The wine has a deep purple colour with ripe red fruit flavours of plum and dark cherries with a touch of cracked black pepper. Savoury and dense, this wine shows a good depth with firm, ripe tannins as well as earthy and spicy notes.