Many people who have been to france will recognise the train speeding to the Vineyard above as the TGV or the Train à Grande Vitesse. But did you know that the Aussie have their own TGV, albeit the Aussie one is a wine, but it certainly doesn’t lack the silky smoothness of its french namesake.

The Aussie TGV is produced by Yalumba Australia’s Oldest family owned winery, based in the Barossa and Eden Valleys. The Grapes for this wonderful wine are sourced and handpicked in the Barossa valley, the wine is then aged for 10 months in oak before release. And now for the important question what does TGV stand for? Tempranillo, Grenache and Viognier, to make this wine the wine makers at Yalumba co-ferment about 88% Tempranillo with 7% Grenache and 5% Viognier. The result is a wine with floral aromas, displaying rose petals and raspberries with a hint of nutmeg. The palate has gravely tannins with long black cherry flavours that are made silky by the co-fermentation with Viognier, and spicy by the Grenache.  As far as i can tell this is the only blend of its kind!!