Merlot has had a rough time over the past decade or so. Once everyone’s favorite easy-drinking red, Merlot was stigmatized by Miles’ famous line in Sideways: “We are not drinking any %^@#ing Merlot!” We flirted briefly with Pinot Noir, again probably at Miles suggestion, before we moved on to Shiraz and Cabernet but the question is where is Merlot today? It’s a good question and one the savvy consumer should be asking.

All the attention that had once been focused on Merlot, but quickly switched allegiances, left Merlot producers oversupplied for the marketplace. You know what that generally means: falling prices as production exceeds demand and increased quality as lands that may have been over-cropped or irrationally planted to Merlot get budded over to more valuable varieties or farmed for quality over quantity. Now many of those who produced some god awful Merlots have decide to plant the current trendy variety, and that means that we can once again go back to enjoying good quality juicy Merlots from France, Italy, Australia and most definitely Chile.  Maybe now is the time to give this wonderful grape a second chance!!