In my opinion one of the most enjoyable things to do during the week is zone out with a film, a nice meal, my preference is pizza as you can still enjoy it when it’s cold and a nice bottle of red. While my wines tend to vary one type I keep coming back to with pizza and Bolognese for that matter is Barbera.
To me Barbera and tomato based dishes are a match made in heaven!  Barbera is a high acidity red grape from Piedmont, with a juicy cherry, strawberry, and often tar-like touch. A tomato is a fruit-vegetable with sweet overtones and a high acidity bite. This pairing is a classic case of matching like to like. Although it might sound somewhat stupid to pair tomato with an acidic red wine, it works amazingly well. The best Barberas to match with tomato based dishes tend to be the more traditional and less oak influenced style. So the next time you sit down to watch the magic, grab a pizza and a good bottle of Barbera, or whatever wine you fancy.