The Fighter

Well, without a specific wine called The Fighter what are you gonna do? How about going after The Boxer? Well, at least  there is Redbank’s Fighting Flat Shiraz, the perfect wine to cheer on The Fighter: a little rough around the edges, in your face, and in the end a winner.


127 Hours

OK, this is a bit of a smart arse suggestion. It wasn’t funny when it first happened and it can’t be funny in this gripping re-creation. While James Franco can be hilarious, I have a feeling this is going to be recognized as quite the serious turn for him. So, what should we be drinking? Well, there’s only one choice a great Shiraz from Australia produced by D’Arenberg called “The Dead Arm” and that’s just going to generate some ill will, methinks. But it’s delicious, so I’m going with it.