Yes, it’s true: Pinot Blanc, or Pinot Bianco in Italy, is actually a pigment-free mutation of Pinot Noir. What to say about Pinot Blanc, well it make  white wine (duh). Pretty obvious except Pinot Gris (grey) makes white wine despite being a pink grape!!
Pinot Blanc most likely originated in Burgundy, which seems perfectly obvious as that is where Pinot Noir is found. It is still found there and even used in Champagne but in this crazy old world it decide to follow the other grapes and see what was out there, it travelled near and far, to Germany, becoming Weissburgunder (“the white from Burgundy”) and far, New Zealand.
But why drink it? Well, for starters, we should be drinking because we love a change, don’t we? There is just so much Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc,  I can take!!  OK, another reason then: it is a great food wine – my first experience with it coming at a friend’s wedding in Italy where Pinot Bianco was served with the meal, delicious fruity yet not all in your face, freshly acidic, yet not sharp and its doesn’t ask to much of the drinker only that we enjoy it!!!.
In many ways Pinot Blanc is the perfect all-purpose white wine. Now there will be plenty of you who disagree, and that’s fine, but me? Well, I’m going to start drinking more Pinot Bianco while the sun is shining, this March – it maybe the only summer we get!! And finally the image that I had to use but couldn’t find anything relevent to say about:-