Spring time is well under way with a great run of weather so far and fingers crossed for April. Spring means many things Easter, Lovely Lamb, and of Course Mothers Day, the day we honour and thank the one women who loves us no matter what we do!! In the case of this blog our biggest fan, busy telling her friends to check us out on the interweb thing.

This year for mother’s day were suggesting that you go all out and cook your mammy a delicious dinner. And what better way to celebrate your mammy than with some bubbles. It doesn’t have to break the bank with great proseccos and cavas available from the €14 mark, Or even a lovely Sparkling Rosé. My Top tip for the weekend is if your mammy enjoys a good prosecco try spoiling her this year by locating a bottle of Cartizze.

The hill of Cartizze is a 1,000-foot-high vineyard of 260 acres of vines,  owned by a whopping 140 growers, that’s an average of 1.14 acres each. As a result vineyards in this area are high in demand. The Prosecco from its grapes, of which comparatively little is produced, is widely considered to be of the highest quality, the “Grand Cru” of Prosecco.

Local legend has it that Cartizze grapes were traditionally harvested last, as the vines were situated on steep slopes and hard to reach, which made wine makers discover that this extended ripening period improved the flavour. The wines tend to be pale straw yellow with wonderful persistent and fresh bubbles. Luxurious perfumes of apples, pears, and rose petals. They have clean, fresh palates and the best will have a touch of candied almonds on the finish.